Endlessly inventive and fresh...sounds like new music to me. -John Vanderslice


WanderLOVE is a musical journey. Around the world in 80 instruments, you might say.

I started writing these songs while circumnavigating the globe in 2010. On this same trip, jamming on my ukulele with musicians everywhere I went, I decided I wanted to learn to play all the instruments and began snatching up whatever I could.

I spent over a year in my home studio with these 80 instruments. I would lay them out around my swivel chair -- sometimes with a song structure in mind, other times with just a feeling to chase. Hours would fly by, grasping at different instruments, trying to get what was in my head out into the real world. It was a whole new way of making music for me, bringing together instruments from very disparate cultures that also evoked different experiences of my own life.

After a successful kickstarter campaign, I was able to bring my songs to Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco where it was mixed by Jay Pellicci.

My aim is to capture that joyous, overwhelming feeling of showing up in a foreign land -- trying to parse its rhythms and cadences, marveling at the randomness and the patterns that surface, each within the other. I want to make music that you can listen to a hundred times, and hear something new each time -- a superficial structure, and under that chaos, and under that, deeper structure, and further down more chaos, in a delicious mille feuille. A musical representation of the traveler's mind. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.